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Brian Donelson Lic. No. 450-010754

Certified and Licensed since 2012 through the state of Illinois.  Brian received his Bachelor's degree from SIU Carbondale in 2007.  Majoring in business with a Construction Management degree he has vast knowledge of the inside and out of the construction process.  Having this knowledge and experience gives him the edge on knowing not only what it takes to build and home but what to look for in inspecting one.  Brian is also the owner of Donelson Concrete & Management, Inc. located in Marion, IL.  It says that a wise man builds his home on a solid rock.  Starting with a good foundation is the key to that.  Knowing concrete and the building components; being able to take that knowledge and utilize it when inspecting a home creates comfort for the buyer.  

Brian was born and raised in Marion, IL. Along with his wife Alexandria they have 2 children.  Charlee Sue and Jace Edward.  Family is the upmost important thing in his life second to his relationship with Jesus Christ.  Raising a family in his home town is very important to him.  Being from a small town, reputation means a lot.  Especially when owing a business.  Word of mouth is the best advertising one can get.  He treats each job with the professionalism and respect it deserves.  


 The Bellman Group

Certificate: Home Inspection Licensure/State of Illinois

Awarded: January, 2012

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Illinois

Degree: Bachelor of Science 

Major: Technical Resource Management/(Advanced Technical Studies)

Awarded: May 12, 2007

John A. Logan College, Carterville, Illinois

Degree: Associate in Applied Science

Major: Construction Management

Awarded: December 16, 2004

Our Guarantee


Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will make. Choosing the right home inspector can become a challenge. 

In most situations you are choosing an inspector that you have never met. Based on pricing or recommendations from your agent

Different inspectors have varying qualifications, experience, reporting types and methods, along with pricing. Each and every inspection is different. Each is unique as is each home.  

I inspect every house as if it is my own. Treating people and their property with the utmost respect. I guarantee your inspection will be handled with the professionalism it deserves.